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Leandro Castro and Dr. Flavio Souza, co-founders of Omaha-based MultiMech Research and Development, LLC, grew up in the same city in Brazil – Fortaleza. That’s one commonality they discovered while attending grad school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Here are some others: They both shared a passion for entrepreneurship, software, and engineering; complimentary technical skill sets; and a fascination with helping engineers create products that were lighter, yet stronger.

“As fuel costs keep rising, lightweight designs are pursued more and more across multiple industries, from aerospace to automotive to sporting goods,” Castro said. “We realized that companies using lightweight materials, such as fiber reinforced composites, face exorbitant costs and time associated with material testing and quality assurance.”

So, he and Souza developed an innovative solution.

“We decided to create a software package that would allow engineers to virtually build and test composite materials and structures, which in turn decreases physical testing needs and reduces costs and time-to-market,” Castro shared.

The rest is history – and a very promising future.

The company’s computer-aided engineering (CAE) software has been adopted quickly, and MultiMech, launched in August 2010, now has clients across multiple countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The founders said the evolution from vision to reality relied on “amazing” state and local support.


“At the very beginning, during market research and initial development phase, help from the Nebraska Business Development Center was essential, especially through programs such as the Virtual Business Accelerator,” Castro said.

The entrepreneurs leaned on the Greater Omaha Chamber for strategic connections and utilized Nebraska Department of Economic Development and Small Business Administration programming such as the Nebraska Innovation Fund and the State Trade and Export Promotion.

“More recently, the expansion of the prestigious PIPELINE Fellowship into Nebraska has been helping us keep our company growing really fast,” Castro explained.

He continued, “Our goal is to become the global standard for lightweight structural design software, so that more and more companies can benefit from less material waste and fuel consumption. In order to accomplish this faster, we are investing in strategic partnerships that can help us quickly scale our user base and facilitate the integration of our software into well-established product development processes.”

As the company marches into the future, its mission statement delivers a promise: “MultiMech will keep pushing the envelope of advanced materials simulation software so that our clients can do the same in their fields.”

To learn more about MultiMech Research and Development, check out the company’s website, .