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Greater Omaha Entrepreneurship & Professionals

The Greater Omaha region has no shortage of successful businesses. We have 10 Fortune 1,000 companies that have paved the way for entrepreneurship in the region. These companies started with a disruptive idea and our local startup community is doing its part to follow in their footsteps. Thursday, Oct. 8, the Greater Omaha Chamber is hosting Make / Happen. Part of the event will showcase startups by industry so local business professionals can meet the founders who are innovating in their industry. We would love to see you there.

We have several potential high growth startups in the region that have revenue and/or have received post seed investment. Our ecosystem has the capital, talent, professional services and community to support these startups but tapping into the networks of existing companies will exponentially increase traction for our local startups. These established customer networks have a global reach which translates into money coming from the outside/in, more jobs and more investment into our community. As community members, we should all consider ourselves part-time salesmen for each of the startups listed on this site.

I recently spoke at a University of Nebraska at Omaha’s CEO event and I asked if any of the students recognized the startup logos that had revenue/post seed investment. A few students raised their hands, but one student offered to give a sales pitch for a company called Our Lifeloop. She perfectly described the company’s product with energy and passion for the problem the company is solving. This student was an inspiration for what we are trying to do – create awareness of the high tech/high growth startups in our region. (sidenote: Our Lifeloop is looking for connections to nursing home communities throughout the United States).

We should all be more like this student. We should all know the startups in our region. We hope that you will join us at Make / Happen to meet some of these startups and their founders.

Please contact us if you know of a startup that needs to be added to our site or would like to learn more.