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Greater Omaha Entrepreneurship & Professionals

Everyone has the opportunity to wake up and think of an idea that could change the world. When I was a kid, Barry Sanders was my favorite running back because he had that same mentality. When he got the ball he felt it was an opportunity to score a touchdown. It didn’t matter if he had to run 30 yards backward before he ran 50 yards forward, he sincerely believed he could do it. We’re not all going to be given the stage that Barry had, but we have the choice to approach every day with the same attitude. We need more problem solvers.

In my short tenure working on Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Greater Omaha Chamber, I’ve learned a completely new vocabulary, met hundreds of people and determined who fits in where within the ‘entrepreneurial ecosystem’. Simply put, there are brilliant people waiting to serve a new wave of problem solvers.

This editorial is targeting everyone in the Greater Omaha area that has ever had a conversation with a friend, spouse or family member that started with the phrase “wouldn’t it be cool if…”  or “don’t you hate it when…” or my favorite, “I have an idea.” You get the point. There are solutions to problems being proposed in our lives every day and it’s time we take action to monetize that. If you don’t have a solution, I challenge you to take 30 minutes of every day to identify a solution to a problem. There is capital, talent, professional services and free services waiting to embrace you.

There are three questions that have been a pretty good filter for me to know if a solution is viable:

1)      Who is your customer? (hint: don’t say everyone)
2)      Can you produce revenue? (hint: don’t say no or have a really long answer to this question)
3)      What is the problem you are solving? (hint: try focus on one problem at a time)

The more awareness the Greater Omaha area has on potential startup companies, the more of a story we have to tell as a community. This translates into more jobs, more talent and more investment in the area. If you have a solution that you want to talk about please email me. We are a neutral party that exists to get you connected to the ‘startup ecosystem’ so you can take your solution to the next level.