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Greater Omaha Entrepreneurship & Professionals

I’ve been in this role for more than a year and I feel like I’m starting to get this whole startup ecosystem thing. Basically, there are incredible people making things happen in our community needing more attention, more customers and more support. It has become crystal clear what to do – scale existing startups. Our first priority is to put all our resources toward our local founders.

What resources am I talking about?
We will leverage our greatest asset at the Greater Omaha Chamber (relationships) to get more customers, more awareness and more connections to resources (investment/talent/professional services/community events) for our local founders.

How do you get on this list?
Simple. You need to have a presence in Greater Omaha, a repeatable/scalable business model and revenue from customers OR post seed investment. The age of the company does not matter. Please reach out if there is a startup missing from this list.

What is the goal?
By the end of 2016, we want to reach 100 startups that have revenue and/or post seed investment.

This is a job for me – but let’s be honest, getting more attention, more customers and more founders is ultimately on you.

So I urge you to  get to know your local startups and hire yourself on their sales staff. Go find them more customers. Imagine if you were Leandro Castro (founder of Multi Mechanics) and you got a call one day from a random stranger saying, ‘Hey Leandro, I found a concrete company that wants to by your product… their contact info is….’

Together, we will grow another Fortune 500 Company… and that single phone call will ensure the founder never leaves our great community.