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That choice watch or pair of boots you see in a magazine ad.

The protein powder you hear about on the radio.

Want it? Text it.

And then own it.


That’s the power of BuyNow™, a free mobile commerce app launched from Omaha in October 2013.

The brainchild of Shaz Khan and Nidal Babar, co-founders of BuyNow Worldwide,

BuyNow lets consumers use SMS text messaging to instantly purchase products or services advertised on print, radio, TV and Internet ads.

“Activating offline ads by making them purchase-enabled for a border-free transaction is an opportunity that exists at a global scale,” Khan said.

Here’s how BuyNow works: A designated keyword appears on each purchase-enabled ad. App users text that keyword to 289669 and then complete the transaction using their secure account. Voila, on-demand purchases anytime from anywhere.

“Our solution to this consumer inconvenience was further strengthened when advertisers and publishers recognized the value proposition that delivered instant ad ROI by immediately selling the advertised products,” Khan explained.

For participating merchants, BuyNow offers the opportunity to leverage existing multi-media advertising to instantly connect with customers.

“Our big data analytics framework (using real-time behavioral and predictive data) extracts unique hyper-local insights to maintain ongoing customer engagement,” Khan said.

He and Babar founded BuyNow Worldwide in July 2012 and launched the beta version of the BuyNow app 15 months later. Khan said Omaha has been a great place to cultivate the initially self-funded endeavor because of the city’s “continuous community support and growing tech startup community. Omaha has a very strong, reachable network of business professionals who are always there to help and provide guidance.”

In addition, he said any tech startup could benefit from Omaha’s:

  • Supportive Chamber with its dedicated entrepreneurship and innovation division
  • Supportive investment organizations such as Invest Nebraska
  • Supportive business development organizations, including Pipeline and incubators such as Straight Shot
  • Supportive tax incentive policies

BuyNow was one of seven startups accepted into the inaugural class of Straight Shot, Omaha’s innovation accelerator. Khan said that and other partnerships have played a critical role in professional and personal development.

“Such partnerships have easily turned into lifelong relationships. Any startup from Omaha and the surrounding areas should feel blessed to have access to organizations that are dedicated to entrepreneurship and community development,” he shared.

Looking ahead, Khan said he sees expansion in BuyNow’s future.

“Identifying and proving strong synergies with publishers, advertisers and media firms, we continue to create traction and recently established a strategic partnership with a household-name publisher on the East Coast,” Khan said. “Our strategy is to take this as a base camp of success then expand into other markets.”

His advice to other entrepreneurs? – Want it? Go for it. Khan says the entire BuyNow experience has taught him patience, persistence, and courage.

“It’s an exhilarating feeling that may only be experienced by one stepping outside of their comfort zone.”

You can download the free BuyNow app at

You can download the free BuyNow app at